Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction
There are several nail conditions that may benefit from toenail reconstruction:
• Nails damaged by trauma – trauma to the nail plate through accidents or sport playing can mean that the nail becomes split or detached. A prosthetic nail will prevent the surrounding tissue collapsing and reduce the risk of an ingrown nail.
• After surgery for ingrown nail – this usually effective treatment can leave the nail with an incomplete shape. Nail reconstruction can restore the nail to match the other nails of the foot.
• Fungal nail infection – this fairly common problem can sometimes leave the nail thick, yellow and crumbling. In order to prevent the fungus from spreading this will need treating and nail reconstruction may be used as part of that treatment. The infected part of the nail is removed as far as possible and the nail is rebuilt using a special resin that has anti-fungal ingredients.
• Thickened nails – where nails are thickened for any reason, the nail can be painlessly reduced and a new nail re-built to give an attractive shape and colour.

nail reconstruction