There is no simple one-off solution for the treatment of verrucae.
A verruca is a wart found on the foot and they are most common in children of school age. They are caused by a virus which gets into the upper layers of the skin. When the body reacts to the virus a verruca forms.
If you suspect that you have one, a Foot health Practitioner can assess the area to see if this is correct or if there is another problem. Verrucae can easily be confused with corns and calluses.
If a verruca is not causing pain, one option is to cover it but not treat it. They usually disappear within 2 years by themselves and treatment may be inconvenient or uncomfortable.
If treatment is required it is possible to use over the counter medication. Obviously this means the patient must be able to treat their feet by themselves. These medications require exact application or healthy tissue will be damaged.
A Foot Health Practitioner can offer several treatment options, including occlusal and as a last resort, cryotherapy (although this is less successful on verrucae than it is on warts).
If you have diabetes and think you have a verruca you should consult a foot professional or GP before taking any over the counter medications for verrucae.